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PBL Works Down Under

Last week, the BECOME team was fortunate to attend the first PBLWorks Project Based Learning event in Australia. We joined 150 leading educators for the event, brought to Australia by iOnTheFuture (iOTF) and impressively supported by the Dept of Education, NSW.

Let's quickly look back to see how we got here:

Three short years ago

BECOME was newly launched and the phase “future of work” was just becoming noticeable on social platforms. 

The iOTF team was already helping educators around Australia appreciate the sea change coming to the world of work. Through their conferences, school leaders explored the huge implications of these changes. At BECOME we simply could not pass up the opportunity to partner with iOTF on this shared journey.

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2019 was a tipping point 

Six iOTF Conferences deep, having shared insights from leading experts such as Larry Rosenstock, Mike Priddis and Ron Berger, the message was sinking in. Failure would mean not preparing our young people for this fascinating future. The challenge is real.

Now here we are in 2020

This expanding collective of change agents are focused on action! 

There’s growing concern about the future employability of young people. Many are looking to the education system to provide the solution.

iOTF has accepted this challenge and stepped up once more to provide deep learning for educators with an exciting program of institutes and partnerships. BECOME shares this path and we are thrilled to announce our ongoing partnership. 

BECOME and iOTF share common goals that are well supported by project based learning. We seek to engage young people deeply with their learning and prepare them with the skills they need to thrive. 

Inspired today. Prepared for tomorrow.

Collaboration is necessary to bring about change to careers education across Australia and beyond. Paul Taylor, Principal of Banora Point Primary School and Founder of iOTF comments:

Our time at last week’s workshop enabled us to cement the BECOME approach with PBL techniques. We’re delighted to have a real project ready to roll out in Term 1.

The first BECOME PBL unit is based on the all important question ‘How can I design my ideal career?’ This unit delivers Australian Curriculum's Year 7 Business & Economics. You can get access. Give us a shout to test drive it with your students.

My takeaways from the fantastic PBLWorks 101 workshop:

  • PBLWorks leverages what great teachers already do. But there are many layers of learning, resources and great protocols here that will certainly enhance projects for students and teachers.

  • There is gold in the messy middle of projects. We hit ours during Day 2 of the workshop as we tried to balance teacher capacity with student choice. We became the students, living the process and finding clarity made possible by the PBL collaboration protocols.

  • Keep it real. With just a few tweaks to our materials, we have projects for Years 5 – 10 which are strongly aligned with PBL standards. 

  • It will always be gratifying for us to share what we do with, and to receive feedback from, the progressive educators in the room. We explored how BECOME can integrate careers education into their school.

  • It was great to see old friends and to explore new opportunities for collaboration around careers education. 

Bring inspirational and integrated careers education to your school with BECOME.ME 

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Take some PBL love, pass it along

We announced a new BECOME educator scholarship designed to send one lucky workshop attendee to PBLWorld in Napa Valley later this year. Excitement all round!

And it only went crazier when Brandon from PBLWorks announced that they would match the scholarship for a second person in appreciation of this new partnership with iOTF and BECOME Education. Here’s to a long and valuable partnership!

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