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Making It Easy For Schools To Integrate Best Practice Careers Education

A single decision, late in high school is not enough to prepare young people to thrive in our rapidly changing world. Post school pathways into study, training and work are becoming increasingly open, providing more choice and flexibility to design the pathway that's right for you as an individual student. But it's also more complex. The decision-making shortcuts that have traditionally been used for student's post school options will fall very short of preparing them for their best future. 

Evidence and practice around the world is pushing for careers education to be explicitly taught from the critical primary years upwards. If lifelong learning and adaptability is the answer to thriving in this uncertain world then we must teach young people how to do this. They need to master the skills to explore, design and navigate their future.

This one hour virtual session will introduce school leaders to the evidence for and benefits of a whole school approach to careers education. BECOME provides the time, tools and resources needed to integrate best practice Careers Ed from Year 5 -12 within existing resources.

Perfect for:

Primary & Secondary Leaders; Teaching & Learning Leaders; Pathways & Student Futures Leaders

Date & Time

2 June, 2021

12:00 pm 1:00 pm
NOTE: Shown as Host's Time Zone: Australia/Sydney

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