Reimagining Careers Ed 2021 Session 3

Student Centred Subject Selection: Or is it?

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Student-Centred Subject Selection. Or is it?

In this interactive and informal session we'll be discussing how we can work with the uncertainty and anxiety that seems to override subject selection for the senior years of schooling. Key questions to consider include: how important is subject selection in a Covid world? How do we become agile with subject selection? How do we develop skill sets in our students which enhance agency and enables them to create possibilities for their learning and future? How do we engage parents to be positive influencers in their children’s choices? 

About The Reimagining Careers Education Series

We're reimagining how we do pretty much everything - careers education included. This series of virtual meet ups is for anyone involved with student futures particularly in a K-12 setting. 

The purpose is to bring together a collective of folk who are passionate about making careers education as inspiring and powerful as it should be. Each session we have a different discussion focus and invite guest speakers to share their insights and ideas. 

The Panel

Grace Kinch 

BECOME Education Consultant

Grace’s extensive experience as an educator spans the broad spectrum of education, including careers education, counselling, teaching and curriculum leadership, largely in P-12 schools.   The unique combination of being a careers education specialist and curriculum leader has strategically enabled her to advance the role of a rigorous careers education program in schools.  Grace has made a significant contribution to the broader education profession having been a presenter at a wide range of conferences and seminars, spanning careers education and educational fields. She has also contributed to the professional writing space for a wide range of journals across her career.  

Prof Jim Bright

BECOME Director Research & Impact

Professor Jim Bright has over 27 years of international consulting experience specializing in career development, psychology & training. He has published 11 books, and has over 500 peer reviewed scientific journal articles, chapters, reports and conference presentations. He has won awards for his careers research and has become a best selling international author in the area of careers where he has pioneered the application of complexity theory approaches to career development. His progressive work aligns perfectly with the mission of BECOME. Jim is a registered psychologist, a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society and a Fellow of the Career Development Association of Australia.

Liv Pennie

BECOME Co-Founder & CEO

Liv brings together unique experience from the worlds of academia and innovation. She holds an MA in Psychology, a Graduate Certificate in Education & Career Development combined with 18 years in advertising developing winning strategies, communications and innovative digital products at some of the best agencies around the world. All this combined with 4 years of service as a Board Director of SchoolAid was the perfect backswing for launching BECOME.

Date & Time

4 August, 2021

4:00 pm 5:00 pm
NOTE: Shown as Host's Time Zone: Australia/Sydney

Become Education

+61 424 192 055

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