Reimagining Careers Education | Session TWO

From Work Experience to Work Experiments

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From Work Experience to Work Experiments

We're reimagining how we do pretty much everything right now - careers education included. This series of virtual meet ups is for anyone involved with student futures particularly in a K-12 setting. 

The purpose is to bring together a collective of folk who are passionate about making careers education as inspiring and powerful as it should be. Each week we have a different discussion focus and invite guest speakers to share their insights and ideas. 

This week we're reimagining work experience for 2020 and beyond. What are the elements we need to retain and can the current challenges provide a catalyst for an even more valuable approach? Join Liv & the panel this week to hear and share insights and ideas..

Professor Jim Bright

Professor Career Development, ACU, Author of the Chaos Theory of Careers, Columnist and Director of Evidence & Impact for BECOME.

Matt Dolan

Futures Educator, Lindfield Learning Village.

Date & Time

14 May, 2020

4:30 pm 5:30 pm
NOTE: Shown as Host's Time Zone: Australia/Sydney

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