How It Works

Evidence-based Careers Education in a completely new experience.

 "Inspiring!" 'Mind-opening." "Valuable." "Personal."

Some of the words used to describe the BECOME.ME program by students, teachers and parents. Not the words you'd use to describe your own experience? Then you'll understand why this is so important.

We've reimagined how Careers Education is experienced for young people. It's different in design and delivery.
Our young people's careers are going to be very different than ours, we're making sure their careers education is very different too.


The program is designed around three key learning domains. Success is the mastery of these skills that will be needed throughout life. Focusing on a single decision at a fixed moment in time is too little, too late to  prepare young people for a lifetime of learning.


Students become active explorers of their dynamic self and the changing world of work. They learn to recognise stereotypes and influences on their ideas for their future.


Students create motivating possibilities for themselves and share those ideas with parents and teachers. They connect what they're learning to those possibilities - putting their own 'why' into what they're learning.


Students practice the adaptive skills and experimentation they'll use through a lifetime of learning and course adjustments. Design thinking applied to the most relevant problem of all - them!



The primary years are critical for laying healthy foundations for career thinking. Primary school is the ideal starting point but the program can be picked up at any point from Year 5 - Year 10.


Mastering the skills to successfully design and navigate your future takes practice. BECOME.ME enables repeated engagement over multiple years . The emerging patterns of interest and exploration over time .


BECOME.ME makes it easy to create links  and real world connections between any subject or content and the future possibilities it can open up.

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The BECOME.ME Web app

The student app opens up the whole world of careers for students no matter where they are and what their starting point. See them light up as they take control of their exploration around  the world of possibilities and make links to their learning.

The accompanying teacher resources are full of ways to integrate career related learning into your program or to go deeper and do entire curriculum-aligned projects focusing on the world of work and their own futures.