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Reimagining Careers Education 2020: This series of virtual meet ups is for anyone involved with student futures particularly in a K-12 setting. The purpose is to bring together a collective of folk who are passionate about making careers education as inspiring and powerful as it should be.

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Reimagining Careers Education - 2021

This year we'll be bringing you more evidence, discussions and practical ideas. If you're new to the community, sign up below to be first to know what's going on.

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Session 13  
The Intersection of Careers Education & Student Wellbeing
In this session the panel discussed the intersection of overlaps of wellbeing and career development. What's the opportunity here for K-12 schools?
We were joined by Dave E. Redekopp and Michael Huston, authors of 'Strengthening Mental Health Through Effective Career Development: A Practitioner's Guide'

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Session 12
Delivering Excellent Careers Programmes (even in a pandemic)

In this session we're joined by Tristram Hooley, Professor of Education at the University of Derby and author of The Careers Leader Handbook to chat about delivering excellent careers programmes (even in a pandemic).

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Session 11   
Whole School Approach to Careers Education: The benefits & the barriers

As we move into 2021 planning, Session 11 is all about a Whole School Approach to Careers Education: The benefits & the barriers. We welcome guest speaker, Grace Kinch Director of Curriculum, Korowa Anglican Girls' School for this week's discussion.

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Session 10
What Year 12 of 2020 Need to Know

This week we're joined by Careers Advisors from across states and sectors to talk about the conversations and concerns of the 2020 Year 12s (and Year 13s). We talked about the big things worrying students and shared ideas for supporting them both practical and psychological.

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Session 9
Virtual Initiatives: First hand learnings and impacts

As so many of us move back into remote learning, it's time to share the virtual initiatives which worked well in Term 2. Melanie Timmerman,  Leader of Community Partnerships & Pathways for the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay will be sharing the learnings and impacts from their virtual talks series - a stand out in collaboration and sharing value beyond your own remit.

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Going Under the Hood: 'Looking to the Future' report

This special edition webinar discusses in detail the recent 'Looking to the Future' report.

We are joined by Pat O'Reilly, Head of Partnerships & Pathways for Sydney Catholic Schools and a member of the Review panel. We go 'Under the Hood' of the report talking through the key recommendations and answering the big questions.

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Session 8
Parents as Informed and Valuable Collaborators

Parents are major influencers on a young persons aspirations and career decisions. They are also powerful forces for change within a school context. This session focuses on how to engage them as informed and valuable collaborators in guiding young people and supporting an increased focus on student futures in schools.

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Session 7
University Tuition Fee Changes

This session discusses the implications of the recently announced University tuition fee changes. What does it mean for students and those helping them make choices?

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Session 6
Making the Value Visible

This session follows the exploration of perception issues around careers education. Join us to hear and share success stories of making the student outcomes more visible.

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Session 5
Do We Have a Brand Problem?

The topic for this 5th session was chosen by the community and we'll be diving into the brand of careers education together in a workshop format. Are some of the biggest challenges we face down to an image problem? And if so where do we start in addressing that?

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Session 4
'Life Design' as a Core Subject

 In this session we talk to Greg Miller, Principal Leader St Luke's Catholic College about designing a whole school approach to student futures.

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Session 3
The Mismatch of Aspiration and Opportunity

In this third session, during National Careers Week 2020, we look at the global PISA data on aspirations of 15 year olds and our own local data.

Are we doing enough to bring young people's career aspirations closer to the opportunities of today and tomorrow?

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Session 2
From Work Experience to Work Experiments

This session focused on reimagining work experience for 2020 and beyond. What are the elements we need to retain and can the current challenges provide a catalyst for an even more valuable approach?

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Session 1 
What Keeps You Up at Night?

In this first session, as we wait for news of restrictions being lifted here in Australia, we'll be discussing the implications for careers education. Specifically: 

Q. What are the biggest challenges that we'll need to address for our young people in 2020 and beyond? 

Q. What opportunities and ideas have come up as a result of COVID-19 to do things differently?