We believe that thinking about your future should be one of the most inspiring and motivating things for a young person to think about.

We make it that way.

Different in Design

Traditionally, career services in schools have been about providing options and information to help you decide what to do post-school. There simply hasn't been enough curriculum space, headspace or qualified careers folk with the time to do much more.  However, we know that this approach isn't enough to make a great first decision and certainly doesn't give students the chance to master the skills they'll need for a lifetime of learning and course adjustments. We designed this program to close the gap between evidence and practice. To make it easier for schools to include, and benefit from teaching this essential life skill. The skill to BECOME.ME.

The learning intentions and experience in the app evolve with the student and are designed around the robust evidence base. Throughout the grades they fall into three core learning domains outlined below.

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Of your dynamic and unique self including what influences your ideas about you and your future.

Of the dynamic world of work.

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The skills to put yourself and the world of work together to create possibilities for the future that excite you now.

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To design and implement experiments that allow you to test and refine your ideas for your future.

Different in Delivery 

Effective careers education happens early, often and integrated


The primary years are critical to ensuring that aspirations aren't prematurely narrowed by gender or social stereotypes. Check out our article summarising the evidence here.


Our endgame? Every student has the chance to do one experiment every year from Year 5 to Year 10. By the time high stakes decisions arrive, they'll be informed and articulate in their decision-making.


Student Futures are relevant to all educators. Our Resource Centre and Insights Centre make it easy to plan a whole school approach to careers.

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Everything You Need In a Program They'll Love

Evidence-based careers education from Year 5+

BECOME.ME is a web app supported by flexible curriculum-aligned learning resources. A subscription provides educators with everything needed to deliver ongoing multiyear best-practice career education.

Every student can learn to build and refine ideas for their future from the inside out. Learning how to BECOME.ME.

  • Dynamic web app for personal student exploration and insights

  • 10 hours+ Curriculum-aligned lesson resources

  • Flexible project and extension ideas

  • Professional development for those who want to go deeper

  • Easy set up and full support the whole way

Our Roots Are In Research

How We Developed an Evidence-Shaped Solution

Educational and vocational psychology should drive best practice careers education.

At BECOME we start with the research and evidence to build our curriculum and  professional development materials.

We use technology and innovation to break through the resource and system barriers that prevent best practice becoming common practice. Most importantly of all though, we turn those powerful insights from research into new tools that keep young people engaged in career exploration, skills development and building their own brighter future, 

Co-Founder Liv Pennie highlights the evidence behind BECOME.ME in this video.