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    BECOME.ME subscription package provides:

    • 12 month student access to BECOME.ME web app

    • 12 month educator access to the resource centre including:

      • 20 x 30 min flexible lessons

      • Structured extension projects

      • Annual calendar of activity

    • Student access via Chrome, Windows, or Mac laptop and tablets. Safari and Chrome browsers are supported - enquire about other options.

    Our subscriptions are to be paid on annual basis for 12 months access and do not automatically renew.

    Payment can be delayed for 30 days. Use this time to try the service in your class to determine if it is suitable.

    We don't take payment online. Our Buy / Pay buttons will generate an invoice with payment instructions for your school.

    Your class can get started without waiting for payment to arrive.

    If buying for multiple years / grades: Please add each cohort to the shopping cart once, with the total number of participating students indicated for each.