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Co Founder & CEO

Liv brings together unique experience from the worlds of academia and innovation. She holds an MA in Psychology, a Graduate Certificate in Education & Career Development combined with 18 years in advertising developing winning strategies, communications and innovative digital products at some of the best agencies around the world. All this combined with 4 years of service as a Board Director of SchoolAid was the perfect backswing for launching BECOME.

Quote: "Thinking about your future in the world should be one of the most inspiring and motivating things for a young person to think about. We haven’t been making it that way."

Company team

Co Founder & CTO

David is a highly experienced, truly full stack software architect and engineer. Amongst many achievements, he founded and led the company that designed, built and managed learning solutions for the US Dept of Homeland Security for over 18 years. He also has a 5 star app in the app store.

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Director of Research & Impact

Professor Jim Bright has over 27 years of international consulting experience specializing in career development, psychology & training. He has published 11 books, and has over 500 peer reviewed scientific journal articles, chapters, reports and conference presentations. He has won awards for his careers research and has become a best selling international author in the area of careers where he has pioneered the application of complexity theory approaches to career development. His progressive work aligns perfectly with the mission of BECOME. Jim is a registered psychologist, a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society and a Fellow of the Career Development Association of Australia.

Quote: "Despite the inevitability of change, we have been doing very little to equip people to thrive on change. There are skills we can teach people, from early school age onward that can help them confront change constructively, and indeed initiate change themselves".

Company team

Adelle Desouza
Marketing Consultant

With a passion for careers education and a professional career in marketing, Adelle is working to bring the BECOME brand and story to life. With experience in the UK and global roles spanning the full marketing spectrum, she has varied experience from start-ups to multinational organisations. Complementing her role with us is her ownership of an organisation in the UK focused on connecting students with young professionals to raise aspirations and awareness of working life. 

Quote: "We have been asking the wrong questions in careers education for far too long, and now is the time for all that to change to ensure that the young people of today    are equipped to navigate the unknowns of their future."