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Professional Learning with BECOME

Professional learning is important to the successful implementation of BECOME.

KEY TO SUCCESS: Key leaders and those who are rolling out BECOME should all access our professional learning. 

When your school or system subscribes to BECOME, Professional Learning is an important part of the program.

BECOME is based on research and backed by evidence. Its proven approach is to open up careers explorations early, often and integrated across the curriculum. This is a fundamental reason why schools whose teachers have been trained and are implementing a whole-school  careers education strategy see such powerful effects with their students.

Our training ensures that a strategic and collaborative approach is implemented. Or, in other words, that the roll-out is consistent with the research, and consistent across the teaching team at your school. Knowing how and why BECOME works makes this easy.

BECOME professional learning involves key school leaders and staff.  Our aim is to make it easy for schools to integrate best practice into their existing programs and to apply the proven . Participation in the PL will help to achieve this.