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How do students use BECOME.ME?

The BECOME.ME Web App is used by students to explore, design and create possibilities for their future.

The web app helps students to break through the barrier of 'you can't be what you can't see'. The world of work expands before students' eyes as they explore, search and stumble across multiple possibilities.

EXPLORE is where they can browse, search, filter by subject or area of interest.

Their LOG is a personal space in which to save jobs they find interesting, not interesting, or worth thinking about. It becomes a running hypothesis of their thinking about their future, especially ideas that excite them right now. 

The BECOME.ME app is not the whole program. The BECOME program as a whole includes dozens of curriculum-linked lessons that help students develop awareness of the wide world of work, and awareness of themselves - what motivates them, what they might be good at, and what influences are pushing or pulling them towards or away from certain types of careers.  Taken together with the app, engaging lessons, such as 'If Our Class Ran the World' and 'Life Pizza' help students from year 5 up to start to see exciting potential in themselves and their future place in the world.

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