Powerful Careers Education

BECOME teaches young people the skills to explore, design and navigate their future. Critical skills in our rapidly changing world. 

Our solutions make it easier for schools to deliver careers education early, often and integrated from Year 5-10. Students master life design skills and connect what they're learning today to the possibilities they're creating for their future. 

We don't recommend career paths. We help students BECOME the best version of themselves


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The world of possibilities in their hands.

BECOME.ME supports Years 5-10 in their personal career explorations. Whether they're 100% set on one idea (we'll aim to shift that a little!) or have no ideas at all (we'll definitely help here!), there's a next step for them. Engagement rockets as they make connections between their learning and their future potential.

A subscription provides educators with lesson resources that take the learning deeper and project ideas that balance group collaboration with highly engaging personal projects.

Every student can learn to build and refine ideas for their future from the inside out.  

The Why & How

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Liv Pennie, would like to discuss a new approach to student futures. We're helping schools transform their approach to careers education. When done early, often and integrated, this work is a superpower for schools. 

"It's strange that as a society, as educators and as parents we accept that something so important is so underdone." 

Making it easier for schools to integrate best practice.


Blended learning via student-centred app and engaging group activities.


Curriculum-aligned lessons and projects. Perfect for a PBL approach.


Visibility of your student's evolving aspirations.  Drive relevance across the learning areas.


Get the whole team fired up for impact with our Professional Learning & Planning options.


Easy set up and full support across teaching and technology.

Latest Blogs

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Be a part of the impact in 2022

The world of work will continue to change; the work we do and the way we work. In response, educators around the world are finding ways to evolve what we teach and how we teach to better prepare students to navigate their unique future. BECOME can be the cornerstone of this strategy. Our Insights Centre helps you put student aspirations at the heart of their learning and our evidence-based program puts them in charge, for life.