Transforming Careers Education.

The skills to explore, design and navigate their future.

Being able to confidently navigate a lifetime of learning and course adjustments is more essential than ever if we want young people not to simply survive but to  thrive in an increasingly dynamic world.

Our career resources and tools make it easy for educators to integrate evidence-based, best-practice into their program.

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Prepared for tomorrow, 

Inspired for today.

Great Career Development as a superpower for schools.

The old system of Careers Education is too little, too late to teach students the essential skills they'll need for the reality of 21st Century lives and careers. We need to deliver Careers Education early, often and integrated. Not only does this prepare them to successfully navigate a future of work characterised by rapid and ongoing change, it also has proven benefits right now including:

- Aspirations develop free of gender and social stereotypes

- Students are opened up to the whole world of possibility

- Engagement increases as students put their own 'why' into what they're learning


Everything you need, in a program they'll love.

Evidence-based careers education from Year 5+

 BECOME.ME is a web app supported by flexible curriculum-aligned learning resources. A subscription provides educators with everything needed to deliver ongoing multiyear best-practice career education.

Every student can learn to build and refine ideas for their future from the inside out. Learning how to BECOME.ME.

  • Dynamic web app for personal student exploration and insights.

  • 22+ Curriculum-aligned lesson resources

  • Flexible project ideas

  • Professional development for those who want to go deeper

  • Easy set up and full support the whole way

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"one of the most important skills of the 21st century will be the ability to reinvent oneself quickly and repeatedly"

Utkarsh Amitabh, World Economic Forum, Oct 2018

In action.

Schools around the world are using the BECOME.ME program and projects to teach students how to develop, test and adapt ideas for their future based on a deep understanding of themselves and the world of work

Our team will be happy to answer any questions about how BECOME.ME might work in your context. In the meantime, check out the case study in the video here and what some of our users say below.

It's What Our Users Say That Matters

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