Meet the team

BECOME draws on decades of expertise in education practice, psychology, technology and career development.

We bring together contemporary understanding and education experience to create a program that is inspiring for students and teachers, technically innovative, and informed by current research.


Liv Pennie, CEO and Co-Founder

Liv holds an MA in Psychology and a Postgrad in Career Development. She also spent 15 years in advertising, digital product and experience design.

As a child Liv wanted to be:

A Supermarket Cashier (all those buttons!), Gymnast, Neuroscientist, Child Psychologist, Criminal Psychologist, Sports Psychologist, America's Cup Sailor, Police Advisor.


David Wilson, CTO and Co-Founder

David is a highly experienced, full stack software architect and engineer with over 25 years of experience across projects in major airlines, publishing and law enforcement security.

As a kid David wanted to be:

A Bionics Designer for amputees. An Inventor, Robotics Engineer or Programmer.


Grace Kinch, Education Consultant

Grace is a careers education specialist and curriculum leader, with deep experience in teaching, teacher-librarianship and curriculum design.

As a child Grace wanted to be:

A Teacher, Nurse or Doctor (because of the TV show, The Young Doctors), a Singer/Dancer (inspired by Young Talent Time!)


Bev Laing, Editor-In-Chief

Bev has been writing education programs for over 15 years. She has designed award-winning curriculum initiatives, written TV shows, podcasts and a stack of books with more than one dreadful pun in them.
Young Bev wanted to be:
An Artist, a Time-traveller, a Ski Instructor, an Academic, Writer or Tall Ship Sailor (when she saw her first tall ships).


Dr Jim Bright, Director of Research and Impact

Dr Jim Bright is a practicing psychologist who works with clients in medico-legal matters such as workplace injuries, as well as coaching elite sports people and executives. Previously Professor at Australian Catholic University, he is currently Director of Research and Impact at BECOME Education.

We also work with specialists with deep knowledge in their fields, such as software development, research and education.

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