Balancing the next game and the long game


Working with elite athletes we tread a fine line between focus on the next game, and the long game of their whole life.

We understand how important it is to have a player-centred approach to Career Development so you can meet each player where they're at and co-design the best next steps for them.

BECOME works with leading sport associations and teams to train wellbeing and player development teams and provide tools to inspire the next moves in any athlete's career. We understand the specific context in which sport career decisions happen (or are avoided), and we have developed tools and resources specifically for the elite sport context.

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An evidence-based approach

We train your player support team to help athletes shape their own future. 
Developed with and for elite sport, our tools and resources promote career exploration that goes wide as well as deep.
And the best bit?
Data shows players are more optimistic and motivated today when they are actively designing a future they are excited about for tomorrow.
BECOME for elite sport
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The BECOME program offers:

  • Innovative and engaging resources invigorate career conversations across your organisation.

  • Professional development builds capability and confidence in your team who work with players.

  • Contextualised program fits your context, your sport and your players' unique needs.

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Engaging technology & Tools
Inspiring training for your team

CCCA new - Jan, 2024 (2)-1Top level training

Take professional training further with your own sessions of this leading course from BECOME Education and Dr. Jim Bright, psychologist and co-creator of the Chaos Theory of Careers.

With a focus on career uncertainty, counselling techniques and BECOME's tools for sport career development, this intensive course will kick start your careers program.

>> Info about the Career Counselling, Coaching and Assessment course

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