Reimagining Careers Education for Secondary Students

For too long, Careers Education has focused on getting young people as quickly as possible to a single focused decision about their future.

Recent evidence clearly shows that most young people choose from a very short list of career ideas.

Their aspirations are too often defined by socio-economic or gender expectations, and many of them struggle to stay in work, training or study.

BECOME is an internationally awarded, evidence-based program that supports young people by providing the time, structure and tools to think broadly and deeply about their ideas for the future.

'Who do you want to be?' is the big question, rather than 'What do you want to do for a job?' BECOME supports students to imagine new ways of putting themselves together with the world of work, to create ideas about the future that excite them right now!

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We believe that Careers Education should be seriously exciting.

BECOME helps students explore the world of work as widely as possible and examine the 'why' behind their career ideas.

Students explore widely and reflect on career ideas in BECOME lessons and the student web app. The program is structured so that they learn important skills for a changing world, and how to shape and direct their future for themselves.

Schools using BECOME see increased student engagement with what they are learning now, and increased confidence and optimism about the future.


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Tap into the power of careers education

  • Make exploring the future the most exciting and engaging thing students do this year! Join your peers on the program that is nationally and internationally recognised as evidence-based best practice in career development.
  • Choose a multi-year rollout as part of your whole school strategy -- or focus on a specific year level. We help you determine where it fits with existing curriculum or resources, and student futures or wellbeing strategies.
  • 60% of students report feeling more optimistic about the future after BECOME than they were before the program. Evidence shows gains in engagement, hope and confidence.
  • Power your student futures program with the inspiring approach that is informed by psychology and careers development expertise and research.
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BECOME Your Own Careers Advisor

Our new program has been specially created for students approaching subject selection in Year 10 (Year 11 in New Zealand).

It helps them look more broadly, think deeply and challenge their assumptions about careers -- all within the context of their senior learning plan. 

BECOME Your Own Careers Advisor takes a practical, applied approach while still coaching young people to create open, flexible plans that can change as they grow and mature.

Watch the highlights video of our recent webinar launch of BECOME Your Own Careers Advisor.

Contact us to discuss BECOME Your Own Careers Advisor in your school.


 "The staff love it. It's all planned for you but you can tailor it to the needs of your situation... It's broken up into a unique pedagogical framework - it's very evidence-based. We felt students were coming to the subject selection with their thought process really advanced. The support you get is amazing too."


- Nik Keskinidis, All Saints College

Careers in a changing world

Change is inevitable, it always has been.

When it comes to our careers it’s the same – we’re part of a world of constant, complex change.  But many careers programs ignore change and complexity, and offer simple answers that inevitably fall short.

In the BECOME program, each student examines their career ideas, articulates the influences shaping their ideas, and learns skills for their future.

BECOME culminates in a powerful Agency project that puts students in the driving seat to test a career idea that excites them right now and examine what it would really mean for their future self.

The result? A proven uplift in student confidence and optimism about the future, and engagement in what they are learning today.

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