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Reimagining careers education with a fresh, student-led approach.


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Awareness - Aspiration - Agency

Young people deserve to feel confident and positive about the future.

BECOME fuses engaging technology with research. The web app and sequence of lessons in the BECOME careers education program broaden students' personal awareness and aspirations. It's easy for students to design a future and try it on for size.

Data shows that after the program, students are more optimistic and inspired to take action on their own future.


For schools

Inspire and motivate students with a flexible program for one or more levels from Years 5-10. The robust lessons are aligned to Learning Areas across the curriculum, and complemented by the BECOME.ME web app.

Come to a demo to hear how the power of BECOME can engage students for now and for the future.

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For systems

Implementing BECOME for systems and clusters supports student learning aims across the community. Plan a structured roll-out across primary and secondary schools, and consolidate professional learning.

Talk to us about your system needs so that we can customise the BECOME program to engage your learning community right now.

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For parents

Careers discussions can be difficult. Sometimes decisions about the future feel rushed, or under-explored.

Find out how, in the BECOME program, students explore a broad range of careers, figure out what motivates them and learn how this applies to the world of work.

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Find out how BECOME

Some of the schools and systems we work with
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BECOME is the most thoughtful and comprehensive program I have encountered for helping young people consider their future careers and lives. I wish all students could be a part of this work - not only for their future success, but also for focusing their commitment to learning right now."

- Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer, EL EDUCATION
3 min read

Real Purpose

Lauren Passmore, Stage 3 Teacher, shares how she gets students really engaged with learning!

It’s your mathematics...

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The many faces of student futures

When we were planning Reimagining Careers Education 2022, we asked our community what they liked from the past two...

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Cultivating Curiosity

“Curiosity will conquer fear more than bravery will.”
James Stephens, Novelist and Poet

Facing the future is anxious...

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Make students the drivers of their future


Talk to us about how BECOME can get students excited about who they might be.

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